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Guardian Goalposts

Cubis Systems’ Guardian Goalposts are a lightweight and non-conductive telescopic pole system providing highly visible proximity warning of nearby overhead cables on construction sites.

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Features & Benefits

Fast and Easy to Install

Guardian Goalposts are rapidly and easily assembled to 6 m high (19 feet) by one operative, then packed up and transported to the next site after use.

Highly Visible

The posts are linked together by bunting or a solid telescopic cross bar. The bunting option can also be illuminated for night work.


Guardian Goalposts are light in weight allowing for them to be easily transported around a site with a reduction in health and safety concerns associated with heavy lifting.


Erected using telescopic poles, Guardian Goalposts take up little room and can be transported easily around site. A full set can be transported by car.

Strong and Structural Design

Guardian Goalposts can be used time and time again due to their robust build quality. The posts are manufactured in non-conductive GRP with each post fixed in weighted bases, fabricated in galvanised steel and can be marked with your company information.

Meets Safety Standards

Meets legal safety obligations, such as:
- Australian Constructors Association, Construction and Building Industry Safety Guidelines, Prevention of Overhead Power Line Strikes
- Safe Work Australia - General Guide: Working in vicinity of electric lines

Multiuse Capability

The telescopic poles can also be utilised in the Guardian Barrier System – an innovative traffic management barrier designed to fit to standard traffic cones. Enquire directly with Cubis Systems for more information on this option.

Environmentally Sustainable

Guardian Goalposts are reusable and provide cost and environmental advantages over the traditional pole in conduit method.


Non-Conductive GRP

The posts are manufactured in non-conductive GRP and are linked together by bunting or a solid telescopic cross bar. 

Galvanized Steel

The bases are fabricated in galvanised steel.


Pack Contents

Each pack consists of:

  • 2 x 6m red/white telescopic poles (retracts to 1.6m
  • 2 x galvanised steel bases
  • 1 x 25m length of red/white warning bunting

Optional accessories available:

  • Option 1 - 1 x 6.7m solid telescopic retractable crossbar (retracts to 1.6m)
  • Option 2 - 1 x 1.6m illuminated telescopic pole for nightworks

Options & Accessories

Guardian Goalposts can be supplied with the following accessories