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Cubis is the global leader in the design and manufacture of access pit and cable ducting systems for infrastructure networks. Our innovative products are used in the rail, telecoms, road, water and power industries worldwide. We are the first choice for customers seeking contemporary solutions that improve on traditional installation methods.



Our Organisation

Cubis was established in 2009 following a merger by the three international leaders in the access pit and cover industry. In 2015, Cubis began a further phase of growth and expansion with the acquisition of Australian access pit manufacturer, BVCI Pty Ltd and then in 2017 through the UK acquisition of MCL Ltd. Today, Cubis exports to over 29 countries worldwide from operations in seven manufacturing sites in the UK, Ireland and Australia.


Our People

At Cubis, our ability to deliver the best for our customers rests on the commitment, talent and skills of our people. Our employees are dedicated to making the company’s innovations in new designs, manufacturing techniques and materials work consistently for customers across the world.

With customer satisfaction strongly embedded in our company culture, we build close relationships in key industries internationally to ensure Cubis products solve real-world issues in the building of underground infrastructure networks.


Our Products

Cubis products deliver high-quality modern solutions that replace conventional construction materials like bricks and concrete. Our strong, lightweight composite products incorporate intelligent design features and can be installed much faster than traditional methods, saving customers save time and money.

Cubis products are installed in telecommunications networks, alongside railways and motorways, on waste water treatment works and in power stations and more. As a result of long standing relationships with large-scale international industry players such as Telstra, NBN and other broadband networks, there are probably several Cubis products installed within yards of your front door.


Our Responsibilities

Whether in the workplace, the marketplace, the community or the environment, corporate responsibility matters to Cubis and we show it through the way we work and behave.

Health and safety is integrated into the fabric of the company’s business and operations. We fully support the right of every employee to work in an environment that means we all go home safely at the end of each day. We also take our responsibility to the environment seriously. We work hard to address the challenges of climate change both through product design and careful management of our production processes.