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Cubis Systems Australia passes safety milestone

Heathwood Dec 2016

Cubis Systems Australia passes safety milestone

Safety miltestone 1

Cubis Systems’ manufacturing plant in Heathwood, Australia has marked over 1000 days without a lost-time accident. Cubis manufacture rotationally-moulded polymer and pre-cast concrete access pits at the site, which is 25km from Brisbane and one of Cubis’ four locations on Australia’s east coast.

The 1000 day mark achievement was also shared by Cubis’ Innisfail location in Queensland, where water tanks are produced. The Innisfail team celebrated reaching this milestone and aim to continue setting a great standard for other operating states.

Safety milestone 2

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  • Edwin Wegkamp Avatar

    Edwin Wegkamp

    Well Done Heathwood and Innisfail. A brilliant milestone that deserves to be celebrated. Now for the next 1000 days!

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