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NSW Rail Network Restoration Trial

The versatility, simplicity and impressive strength-to-weight properties of Cubis’ modular cable trough system, MM RAILduct™, made it an ideal solution for a remote and complex installation in Wondabyne, New South Wales.

The installation also served as a field trial for the product’s capability to meet Australian rail standards, with future observations to occur over a period of time to further verify the integrity of the MM RAILduct™ system.

Project Challenges

  • Improve trough integrity and security across asset network
  • Provide increased health & safety benefits to contractor
  • Reduced transportation and installation costs associated with the isolated site location

Due to the isolated location of the project, the contractor required all materials and labour to be transported to site across a barge with limited ramp access and uneven ballast at ground level prohibiting the use of heavy lifting machinery on site.

The use of a traditional concrete troughing system did not provide a viable option due to the complex location and access issues. A superior level of workplace health and safety was of upmost importance throughout the installation, including the safe loading and unloading of all equipment from the barge.

Project Outcomes

Effectively addressing the priorities and challenges of the project, Cubis’ MM RAILduct troughing system enabled rapid installation of the network restoring the damaged section of galvanised steel troughing and unprotected cables. The lightweight Class A modular troughing system required no mechanical lifting with each one (1) meter section easily assembled into position on site manually by a small crew. Elimination of possible health and safety risks were addressed by the lightweight yet robust structure of the MM RAILduct system.