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Asset Protection for Flow Water Meter Installation

Nambucca Shire Council wanted to install flow meters on two existing trunk mains immediately downstream of the outlet on their Balance Tank water reservoirs to monitor both water flow to the Shire water distribution system and leakage in the trunk mains. Council were looking at options other than traditional methods to come up with a flow meter and pit installation that would not compromise the integrity of the existing AC pipes on which they were to be installed and could be installed by their pipe laying crew. Following the successful installation of a Cubis’ STAKKAbox™ access pit on a similar Queensland based project the meter supplier recommended the Cubis Systems pit system to Council based on a proven reputation for providing customised solutions tailored to the Australian water industry.

Project Challenges

  • Working with AC pipes, one of which was more than 50 years old
  • Provide superior long-term asset protection for new flow meter equipment
  • Complete installation without third party contractors and additional plant hire
  • Eliminate requirement to turn off water or cut the existing pipes


For this project a major challenge facing the asset owner was the adequate protection of the new Ultrasonic Flow Metre equipment being installed on the pipeline to monitor the flow rates of water supply to the Shire. Ensuring long-term protection of the equipment’s electronic components from any direct exposure to moisture was a key priority. To complete the installation as cost effective and timely as possible Cubis worked in partnership with the asset owner to deliver a custom access pit solution meeting all labour, resource and outcome requirements.

Cubis Solution
Product: STAKKAbox™ ULTIMA Connect
Load Rating: Class B (with up to Class D capabilities)
Internal Dimensions: 1000L x 1200W x 1700D
Access Cover: Precast Concrete Roof Slab with a two (2) part 1100L X 900W Cast Iron Lockable access cover

Project Outcomes
Utilising the robust strength, installation and customisation capabilities offered by the innovative STAKKAbox™ ULTIMA Connect pit system Cubis were able to offer a superior solution for long-term asset protection.

Cubis provided two (2) STAKKAbox™ access pits to be installed around two (2) separate existing 450mm OD AC Trunk Water Main Pipes running from the Reservoir and feeding the Shires water supply network. Following the area being excavated a separate pit was constructed around each pipe to house an Ultrasonic Flow Meter Sensor that was installed after the pits were completed. Design specifications required a minimum Class B pit load capacity, however the ULTIMA’s impressive Class D strength properties offered increased security and prolonged life-span benefits for the assets electrical components.

The STAKKAbox™ access pits were rapid assembled around the pipes without the need for third party contractors or additional plant hire. Modifications were completed as the ULTIMA pits were assembled, using standard cutting disc tools and a rubber mallet to customise the clean entry and exit of the pipes from each pit. Due to the ULTIMA Connect’s customisation flexibility, Cubis were able to eliminate the need to turn off the water supply or physically cut the pipes during the installation process.

The complete installation of the pits took a total of two (2) days including the excavation of the large site area, placement of the precast base slabs, assembly of both customised STAKKAbox™ access pits, installation of the precast roof covers, backfilling, and final finish to surround landscaping. No specialist builders or tooling were required providing impressive savings to the asset owner including cost and resource allocation.