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What is STAKKAbox™?

STAKKAbox™ is a range of sectional, modular and structural preformed access pits manufactured in various composite and polymer materials. As a result of these various features, STAKKAbox™ access pits are lightweight and robust, thereby offering time saving benefits in addition to a reduction in costs for the installer.




STAKKAbox™ sections stack on top of each other to offer flexibility in the finished depth of the access pit. Each ring section is designed to positively interlock with the unit above and below, creating a structurally secure and robust frame.

The sectional design of the access pit keeps each sectional unit lightweight, making it safe for manual lifting.





Access pit sections are available as a system of modular component parts, offering a variety of choice to create any conceivable access pit clear opening.







STAKKAbox™ sections are twin walled to provide a strong, lightweight product. Each access pit possesses vertical and horizontal ribs that result in a strong product both vertically and on the sidewall.