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Pit Components

Cubis offers a range of complementary products for your pit, ranging from crossbars and gaskets to risers and collars.

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Pit Patch Kits

Fast, simple and quality patch kits for access pit remediation work on site.

Pit Patch Kit 730 x 410


Various plastic pit risers are available for use with Cubis’ MONObox™ plastic pit range.

Plastic Riser 730 x 410


A range of standard precast concrete pit collars, including jointing post and pillar bases, to accompany the MONObox™ and precast concrete cable pit ranges.

Concrete Collar Option 730 x 410


Cubis' defence plinth range incorporates SCEC endorsed locking cover assemblies which can be placed on top of our SCEC endorsed precast concrete pits to create depth variation.

Plinth 730x410


A range of cast iron crossbars to complement the MONObox™ and precast concrete pit ranges.

Crossbar 730 x 410


A range of gaskets to prevent ingress of backfill, dirt and foreign objects from damaging internal cabling.

Gasket 730 x 410

Earthing Kit

Earthing Kits can be purchased alongside your pit to assist in grounding telecommuncations assets within the pit that are at risk of electrical conductivity. Consisting of a lead roll 1500x50x3mm with a 3m length of copper/PVC covered green/yellow 6mm² earth cable soldered and mechanically retained to the lead strap and coated with a protective paint, Earthing Kits can be used for new constructions of telecommunications pits and refurbishments.

Manhole Earthing Kit 730x410