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Pit Access

Cubis offer a variety of products that assist in obtaining fast and safe access to equipment housed within the pit.

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The ULTIMA Ladder is an adaptable ladder designed to suit various pit depth requirements of the STAKKAbox™ modular and precast concrete access pit ranges.

Ladder Options 730 x 410

Telstra Approved Ladder

Telstra approved ladders for use in authorised maintenance works inside Cubis’ Telstra approved access pit systems.

Telstra Ladder 730 X 410

Step Irons

Step Irons for safe and easy access into Cubis’ STAKKAbox™ modular and precast concrete access pit ranges for maintenance works.

Step Iron Options 730 x 410

Pit Lifters

Cubis' pit lifters provide fast and safe access for authorised maintenance works inside Cubis access pit systems.

Pit Lifters Option 730 x 410