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MULTIduct™ is an innovative, lightweight and structural multiple duct cable protection system offering a modern alternative to traditional cable ducting systems.

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Features & Benefits

High Crush Strength

Requiring shallower burial depths and with greater crush resistance than conventional methods, MULTIduct™ does not require any concrete or specialist surround due to its high strength and robust nature. Excavated material can be reused during re-installation reducing time, cost and heavy plant.


Weighing under 20kg MULTIduct™ offers significant health and safety advantages. MULTIduct™ is suitable for a single person lift and install, enabling compliance with manual handling regulations. Being lightweight and easy to deploy results in considerable project time and cost savings.

Quick Assembly with Secure One Click Connection System

MULTIduct™ offers a unique ‘push fit system’ that is fast and easy to install. During cable pulling, the unique push-fit connection eliminates any disengagement of the units once installed.

Buried Cable Routes

In conjunction with Cubis’ STAKKAbox™ access pit systems, MULTIduct™ can offer a more secure ducting system than surface routes. This can prevent issues with theft and vandalism to cables.


Less susceptible to drop related damages, MULTIduct™ offers a durable and lightweight unit that can be easily transported and moved on site.
MULTIduct™ units also incorporate large radius corners to stop rodents biting through the duct unit to gain access to cabling.

Lays Straighter and Flatter with added Flexibility

MULTIduct™ allows for 2° of flexibility within its connection. This results in the creation of a natural bend that can follow the curvature of a track, road or tunnel installation. The straight lay flat feature removes the need for spaces and eliminates any twisting issues during the installation unlike traditional ducting systems.

Multiple Ducts Combined into One Part

MULTIduct™ combines multiple cable ducts that would traditionally be separated. This results in the need for a reduced excavation resulting in narrower, shallower trenches, no graded backfill between ducts and reduced time during installation.

Square Duct Space

Unique smooth internal walls for easier cable pulling and no sharp edges for cable damage. Less surface contact with cables makes it easier to pull / blow during cable installation. The shape of the MULTIduct™ units increase capacity over traditional cable ducts.


MULTIduct™ holds numerous global approvals and has been installed in various applications and environments across the world.

  • Under track crossings
  • Under road crossings
  • Buried cable routes
  • Tunnels
  • Multi-bank
  • Bridge crossing

Seamless Integration

MULTIduct™ can be integrated into the STAKKAbox™ access pit on site, or alternatively spigots can be pre-assembled and delivered as a single unit. If the exact duct entry positions are unknown at the time of order, a flexible sliding backfill barrier can be fitted. This barrier allows for up to 150mm vertical alteration enabling the MULTIduct™ entry position to be customised on site.




Manufactured from high density polyethylene (HDPE), MULTIduct™ offers a lightweight, high strength to weight unit.

With parts weighing below 20kg MULTIduct™ offers significant health and safety advantages permitting a single person lift and install.


Available Sizes

Sizing Information

MULTIduct™ is available in a range of size options designed to offer seamless integration with Cubis’ range of pit access and cable protection systems.

  • 4 Way
  • 4 Way XL
  • 6 Way
  • 9 Way
MULTIduct Family 730x410

Options & Accessories

MULTIduct™ can be supplied with the following accessories