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SCEC & High Security

Cubis has obtained SCEC approval to become a leading manufacturer and supplier of high security cable pits and cover systems that have been stringently evaluated to meet SCEC approved security standards.

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Features & Benefits

SL1 and SL2 Approved

Cubis’ SL1 approved pit range and SL2 approved cover systems ensure the absolute safety of your valuable assets in accordance with SCEC approval standards.

Variability in Size

Our range of SCEC approved Aus Pits™ precast concrete pits come in a variety of sizes to ensure you have the right pit for your high security project.

Reduces Theft and Destruction of Asset

Our SCEC approved Aus Pits™ precast concrete pits secure your assets against theft and destruction with a matching load rated tamper-proof cover.

Extensive Life Span

Design engineered to meet industry and installation requirements, your pit is guaranteed to withstand even the harshest conditions.

High Security Locking Mechanism

Our Class D access covers include an innovative locking mechanism which secures your assets and eliminates the need for locking bars – a major concern where the lockbar may be dislodged during maintenance programs and fall into the pit, breaking live cables.

Bespoke Conduit Entry/Exit

We are able to customise conduit entry and exit points within our SCEC approved Aus Pits™ precast concrete pits to suit the unique requirements of your project, so that you can be confident you’re getting exactly what you need.


40MPa fibre reinforced concrete

High strength concrete has a compressive strength of 40MPa or greater. Cubis manufactures their SCEC approved Aus Pits™ precast concrete pits using a fibre reinforced concrete mix to ensure a minimum of 40MPa. This attests to Cubis’ SCEC approved precast concrete pit range remaining durable and robust throughout its lifetime.

SCEC & High Security Materials 2 730 x 410

Available Sizes

Sizing Information

Cubis’ SCEC approved Aus Pits™ precast concrete pit range come in a variety of sizes, making it easy to select the ideal pit for your project. For further sizing information contact the Cubis Specialist Team on 1800 065 356.

SCEC & High Security Sizes 730 x 410

Load Rating

Cubis’ SCEC approved Aus Pits™ precast concrete pits are manufactured up to a Class D load rating (ultimate limit state design of 240kN) under the Australian Standard AS/NZ 3996. This makes our standard precast concrete pits suitable for major roads including freeway and motorway shoulders, as well as warehouses and loading docks.

We have also gone further to match the load rating of the pit to its cover, which is why our pits offer the most superior solutions on the market. This design element provides long term confidence in the quality and endurance of the product.


SCEC & High Load Rating 730 x 410

Product Resources

Options & Accessories

SCEC approved precast concrete pits can be supplied with the following options and accessories: