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Substation Relocation - Reducing Runway Possession Time at Manchester Airport


The Manchester Airport Transformation Programme (MAN – TP) is a £1bn project set to transform the UK’s third largest airport. It will see Terminal 2 more than double in size and, on the airfield, work will be carried out to maximise the potential of Manchester’s existing two runways and taxiways will be remodelled to accommodate the world’s largest aircraft.


The existing taxiway had to be modified to enable smoother aircraft flow and to allow for larger aircraft. This required a major relocation of an electrical substation. This particular substation, located in the middle of a taxiway, meant aircraft were only able to move one in, one out, creating a bottleneck which required planes to wait for others to taxi through.



ULTIMA Connect pits - Reducing Runway Possession Time

Moving a substation on a live airfield generated countless issues, airfield possession time and construction time being 2 of them. Cubis ULTIMA Connect pits were specified because of their strength and ability to save significant time during construction. In total, twelve pits of the following dimensions 3000mm x 3000mm, 2000mm x 2000mm and 1000mm x 1000mm, all at a depth of three meters, supplied with F900 covers, were specified and installed.



The modular pits were delivered flat pack to the taxiway and assembled and installed by the UK Power Network Services team during the night, significantly reducing runway possession time.



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