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Conductive Concrete Install, Lurgan - Openreach

As part of Openreach NGA (Next Generation Access) project being rolled out to enhance fibre networks across the UK. The Lurgan exchange area, Co. Armagh has been subject to the installation of a New Street Cabinet 'PCP' Unit supported by CUBIS' Quadbox footway chamber and grounding solution, Conductive Concrete.

The installation which took place on the Kilmore Road on the periphery of Lurgan was facilitated by Openreach contractors - KN Networks, with the job overseen by contracts manager Martin Clayton. Product training was carried out on-site to advise site operatives on the process for installing Cubis' long term grounding product Conductive Concrete.

With the installation site prepared 6 no. San-Earth Conductive Concrete bags were poured along the excavated trench. The grounding electrodes were easily installed by spreading the dry powder over and around the electrode. The trench was then backfilled. The dry-form concrete then absorbs moisture from the surrounding soil and hardens to become part of the grounding electrode. The surface area of the electrode is thus dramatically increased and resistance to ground is substantially reduced. In addition, surge impedance is also lowered significantly.

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