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Doncaster Rail depot: FLEXI Pit Drainage Catchpit Install

The Department for Transport started an initiative known as the Intercity Express Programme (IEP) in 2005, formed  to assess and consider the replacement of the UK's ageing High Speed Trains (HSTs). Following the government’s decision to rejuvenate the maturing transport network, Network Rail has been actively delivering nationwide infrastructural changes across the rail system for the past 10 years.

In light of these developments, Cubis was approached in relation to a unique site based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire where there was a requirement for a large number of drainage catch-pits to be installed on a site prone to flooding as a result of the area encompassing a high water table.

Due to the adaptable invert levels on Cubis' PAD's approved FLEXI Pit track-side inspection chamber, 83nr catchpits were installed on the site at various depths by Contractor - Volkerfitzpatrick.

CubisFLEXI Pit offering utilises the STAKKAbox™ Ultima access chamber, a system that is strong, structural and meets on-site manual handling requirements. Installation is safe, easy, rapid and can be lifted in a complete unit into the excavated position when needed. The FLEXI Pit incorporates a sliding backfill barrier that is easily adjusted to achieve the correct pipe invert levels, with the barrier allowing for up to 150mm vertical alteration on the back-fill  frame offering full customisability on site. 

The entire system can be installed in 18 minutes (per unit) by a two-man team.